XMen Extreme Adventure 1

XXAI: The Previous Adventure

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A compilation of the previous XMen Xtreme Adventure….


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XXA1: Article by Webb Colin for Offroad Thailand

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In Thai. Much oblige if someone could translate it to English

About the snake, Colin says that it is a reminder of how dangerous the jungle is.

XXA1 offroad thai art 1

<< Click here to read original size of XXA1 in Thailand’s  offroading magazine >>

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XXA1: News Article #2 by Wing (Nanyang Siang Pau)

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Rough translation and scan courtesy of Roza.

XXA1 NSP Article 2

<< Click here for XXA1 NSP Article 2 >>

“Tokyo Bridge was built 2 years ago (RFC 2007) – from Kelantan to Elephant Mud Hole which is the main entrance to Elephant Mud Hole. However, only few people have seen the Tokyo Bridge.

(Flash back of RFC 2007)

XMen’s founder told me that passing through Tokyo Bridge is very dangerous. We need to prepare at least 2 days of food and water. Just before we left, Alyna reminded us to take walking lunch. All of us were very interested in this bridge. We were curious not just about the name of this bridge but also its 23.5 meter length.

The care in front of us suddenly stopped and we heard people laughing. I stepped out of the car and ran quickly to the end of the bridge. Mama Liz stood at the opposite side of the bridge and shouted my name. She asked me to walk through the bridge. We were discussing how did the Xmen managed to build such a wonder bridge in the rainforest.

(X-Men Extreme )

Atek was the first crossing the bridge and suddenly we heard a crack sound. For safety purposes, we moved the car to the other side and to check on the bridge. We saw that the log was eated by termites. As such, Atek had decided to add another log to support the bridge. We took our electrical chainsaw and parang to help. Some of us were carrying the log, while others were preparing lunch. We were enjoying hotdogs for lunch at the Tokyo Bridge Cafe. We asked our Japanese friend, Miyumi whether the Tokyo Bridge is similar to the on in Tokyo and she shook her head.

Everybody was happy with the hardwork and teamwork.

I always believe that there is no dead end in the mother nature and we can always find a way to overcome any obstacles.”

* Picture 1. As every car passes, Anba will start cleaning the Tokyo Bridge.

* Picture 2. Vicky as usual, the adventurous person is in charged of giving instructions on how to cross the bridge.

* Picture 3. Any mishap, he is too be blamed! Adding one log as a support to prevent any mishap.

* Picture 4. Nobody is free either on top or at the bottom of the bridge.

* Picture 5. Thomas and Atek were checking the supporting log for the bridge.

* Picture 6. First time being at the Tokyo Bridge, Rod was checking the bridge body structure.

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XXA1: Comments from the adventurers

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“As for me myself, I will return again and again to sample more of that magic, whether woven by Atek’s hands or the jungle beyond the trail where real magic calls the die-hard off-roader.”

<<Click here to read her story>>

~ Eliza/Tom (Malaysia)


“For the first time in my life, i have experienced the off road adventure and have caught on the X-Men fever all thanks to Atek, Alyna and in fact the whole convoy for making this extreme adventure a dream come true.”

<<Click here to read his story>>

~ Vignesh (Malaysia)


“I’m looking forward to the next extreme adventure trip, and would like to thank Alyna and Atek for inviting me on this last trip. It was great.”

<<Click here to read about Rod’s Adventure in the Mud Hole>>

~ Rod Caldwell (USA/Thailand)


“The exhilaration of travelling and working as a team lead by the X-Men teams are truly awsome. Furthermore; the satisfaction are enhance by an appreciation of their self sufficiency and leadership quality. Thus, we were able to shrugged off most challanges mother nature has presented… Its hard to conclude every single details but I feel we will remember the adventures we have been through.”

<<Click here for comments from Choon Meng & Peter>>

~ Tan Choon Meng & Peter Ng  (Singapore)


“…I’m looking forward to the next xmen adventure trip..”

<<Click here to read about her adventure>>

~ Wing Lim (Malaysia)


…I see a great power in team work, we were all there to have fun and play…

<<Click here to read more about KAMPUNG KU (My village in Malay)>>

~ Vigneswaran P. Karthigesu (Malaysia)


“Thank you for showing us the rainforest jungle and giving us the taste what 4×4 offroading is all about…

~ Eliza n Rosa Othman (Malaysia)

keith-mcgibbon“You won’t get the opportunity to go into the Malaysian jungle in such a challenging, remote, rewarding and organised package unless Ah Tek and Alyna organise it. It is a unique experience and you get the sense you are doing something special. You skip meals, drive all night, sweat it out in the sun with swarms of bees, join chain gangs, stand in rivers in the middle of the night digging a bank of mud; but we’ll all sign up for more which says everything about this trip. Roll on the sequel.”

~ Keith McGibbon (UK/Italy)


“Tough trucks, a motivated team. Spectacular location, a challenging set of obstacles and  the best possible leadership. This was one of the most fantastic 4×4 trips I’ve ever done and certainly the format which I would love to repeat”

<< click here for more of his stories>>

~ Stu Garrrow(T3 – Australia)


” of all the off-road places in the world the Elephant Mud Hole will instantly evoke stories of ’remember when’.
X-Man Rate de Silva and jungle woman extrodinaire, Alyna Tai, have the utmost trust and loyalty from their group of friends for any expedition, it’s no wonder we wanted to join him. It was the adventure of adventures, going in blind, no recce and taking what mother nature gave us. We made it closer to the EMH than any group for 3 years, ouldn’t have missed it for the world… I’ll be back for more……”

<< Click here to read the fantastic story from Liz >>

Elizabeth Lewis (United Kingdom)


” Elephant Mud Hole – The Offroaders Spirit of Adventure “

~ Thomas Foo aka Tango (Malaysia)


“Well was it worth flying half way around the world for just a few days in the jungle.   YOU BET !!!  will I be back??   Do Bears S… in the wood !    Yes I’ll be back.”

<<Click here to read Papa John’s Adventure>>

~ Martin Lewis aka Papa John (UK)


“I would like to say that this has been one the 7 wonders that I’ve done in my life…It was a tremendously nerve wrecking,bone shaking and mind blowing experience for me. 00 with his skills and ability to accommodate,assist,guide and rescue was extra ordinary. Not forgetting the whole team and all their guidance and hard work to make this whole event a successful one! The leadership is the one that makes the whole team perform beyond their call of duty.”

I would like to thank everyone especially Atek, Alyna and Rambeer for giving me this opportunity and introducing me to the world of “OFF ROADING”.

~ Majorie Peters (Malaysia)

“I caught Jungle Fever!! and I have Ah Tek and Alyna to thank! Amazing 4×4 Experience.”
~ Linus Liew (UK)

shaharul-zain“The last time I passed through the mudhole was in RFC 2005 and the time last through places like Rocky hill and piece of cake was 2000…long ago now it seems. So this time around, I felt a lot of anticipation to revisit them again. While we did not make it through the entire route, it was more due to lack of time than lack of spirit. I think for me, the trip was made truly special by the presence of many old friends – going four wheeling just like how we used to do once upon a time. Thanks to 00 and 01 for inviting me on an event that Malayan Safari is proud to support”
~ Shaharul Zain aka Mike Sierra (Malaysia)

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XXA – News Update 6May2009

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News from Adventurer Ah Tek and Alyna….

As of this moment 0821 local time, 6May2009, Ah Tek and Alyna are enroute home from Temerloh R&R after spending a night rest there.

The rest of the adventurers are already safely back to civlisation and some have already started work.

Adventurer Che Mat will continue from Gua Musang after many adventures with a leaky radiator.

That’s all for now.

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XXA – News Update 5May2009

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All adventurers are safely out of the woods and resting. 

More news later after R&R.

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CBT 02May2009: Assault In Terengganu Jungle

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Article from Cars, Bikes & Trucks. 02May2009
(more photos on CBT site,  << click here >>


OVER 35 adventurers are reliving their passion for off-road adventure at the legendary Elephant Mudhole and Terminator Hill in the jungles of Terengganu this week.

The ultimate destination of hardcore offroaders, the tracks in one of the oldest rainforest jungles in the world are well known to international adventurers who have participated in the Trans Pen Malaysia and the  4×4 Rainforest Challenge.

“It was one of those moments about seven weeks ago when we were talking about some of our off-road adventures. We then realised that the rising Kenyir Lake would soon flood the approach tracks to the Elephant Mudhole, and the very valley itself by next year, if not this year,” said Rate De Silva, the leader of the X-Men recce team and chief scout for many years in the Rainforest Challenge.

“A small group among us decided to attack the Elephant Mudhole and Terminator Hill with participants whom we would select so that we could have the dream team of men and machines to tackle the challenges we faced at these venues. During the previous events we had many wannabes who didn’t have an idea of what they were getting into.

“Initially, we planned the trip among a small group of close friends. But word got around fast, especially through our website, and friends from Britain, Australia, the United States and Thailand quickly responded,” said Rate, the founder of Xmen Xtreme Adventure.

The participants in 12 vehicles were flagged off from the New Straits Times office in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday by New Straits Times Sdn Bhd group editor Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun.

Among the challenging terrain faced by the adventurers are seven mudpools at the Elephant Mudhole in Sungei Pelagong and deep ruts, thick mud, slippery slopes and fallen jungle logs along the journey to the Terminator Hill.

The five-day jungle adventure ends tomorrow as participants break camp at Sungei Puah and head out for the tarmac road back to Tasik Kenyir Resort.

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