Trans Kalimantan Logs

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10th Ma – D1 Flag off by YB Dtk Abang Amar Zohari at Rengency court hotel. D convoy head for serian border twrds Terbedu wth a bit of hic cup when Yamin racer ve a overheating prblm. D water plug broke bt was solve in no time. Then indo Lrnc cr had a water pump broke and had to b replaced. While waiting phillipine lr also replaced a water pump as water preassure was weak. We cont journey wth a 3 hrs process at d border.

10th Mac – All crs cleared frm border after d long wait. We reached Mount Hope homes of 400 children late evening, drop off all d toys, books and clothings. D kids lined up welcoming d convoy and we were entertained some dance and acrobatic by d children. A welcome drinks and own grown fruits was also served. After waving gdbye we head for sosok.

17th Mac – D2-convoy roll off frm Losmen Hujan Emas to jetty for ferry crossing. After a long wait we got to load all 8 vehicles for a shrt ride upstream to Tayan. A stopped over at Sandai for lunch then continue wth a long bumpy off rd total of 230km to Delang. We managed to reached Delang 7.30pm for long house Experience. It was a raining until morning. We named it cicada losmen. ~ Alyna

D-3 Pengkalanbun-kumai 250km of dry off rd trail d heat is getting into us. Found a open space near a cooling river for lunch in d middle of no where. D boys start jumping into d river and chill out. While some starts up cooking for d first time here in d jgl. Those tht drive dwn to d river bank need to winch their way up bck on track. D convoy proceed towards d logging area and were warned not to take pics. At d entrance out of jgl we were hold out by a gate mained by d military wth a base camp. After mch waiting and talks d gate was open by d army general himself wth a big smile and waving us through.

D-3, journey continue wth more pot holes and dusty trial of abt 60km. D guide wth triton Pak popo, Abek, Bingkis & Ajung lead us out of Nagabulik. Everyone is covered wth dust and a quick pht session b4 we sd gdbye t0 our guide.

D3-after a long drive we managed to reached kumai town. Kumai a sml town wth narrow rd. There’s no suitable hotel or campsite available. Pak Harry managed to get permission to make use of d new tourism off and also park d cr for safety reason in their compound & vry near d jetty.

D4-arrangement by Pak Harry for us to take a 4hr boat ride to Leaky camp in Tg Putting to see d Orang Utan. Left a 7am we leave our crs by engaging a locals to kp an eyes. It was a fantastic and relaxing boat ride. We cld c various birds, probrocis monkey, silver leaf monkey, orang utan and horn bills & etc. We reached Leaky camp wth a welcome by Siswi d org utan. She fell in love wth vicky and reluctant to let go by holding tight to him. D grp had to track abt 2km to c how they were feed. There’s a whole bunch of them. We ve a boat full of rovers nuts.

D6-convoy roll at 8.45am. Replenish ration and refuelling to hit another grueling off rd in d heart of borneo. D adventure start when we had to cross d floods of low lying track as rivers overflows after d rain. After 3rd crossing, Yamin’s racer stalled while crossing. Luke d def winch it across. Vicky helps to dry d injectors of rangie while we go further to c wht’s nxt. Nt far frm there we were shock to c d 4th crossing is mch longer and abv chest level. There’s no way out unless we use d alternative trail to village. There might b more further in front. So we decided to camp near a sml water stream wth headman Wan’s permission until water goes dwn town

Journey cont wth indo car breaking d prop shaft and lr dusty battery weak after some welding on yamin’s spring mount. By 2pm we were at kuala kurun for lunch and pht session at d park near big rivers. D frienly twn folks came to mingle wth us. D 320km to palangka raya was a hard torture on d crs. We checked into Hawaii hotel.

D7-d dayak communities are more into rubber tapping at Tumbang lapan. There’s a govt schl bt funded by Aust NGO. Kids walk to schl wth machette in hand. D unique traditional burial is still practise in tis part where they kp d bones near their hsc wth statues of human and a ceremony b held once they ve enough $. We were camping on gold land where d locals still do panning. No outsiders diggers r welcome. Headmen Wan vry happy to have us and tales of Dayak went on d whole night. Tooth brush and stationery was given out to school children passing our camp.

D8-after refuelling wth locals connections we managed a gd prc for fuel at Pertamina station. Is another 210km to Banjarmasin. D long drive passing a 7km gd rd on d elevated hi way tru mostly flooded rd and pot holes. Honk honk

D10-after having cr repairs wth a gd trip to floating mkt and some pub hoppings every1 is all gear up to cont our journey to Sampit. We arrived Hotel Wella owned by a army general. Due to fuel inavailability in sampit we try to shared out d fuel until d nxt refuelling. Is d first time we c Mertabak since we enter kalimantan bt d stalls only ve engh for 4 of us.

D12- Nagantayap d day tht Light weight lost her clutch b4 we cld reach our campsite. Martin Lewis a landrover master came to rescue driving d cr wthout clutch for 9km for a losmen or campsite. D lr mechanic starts to wrk immediately to solve d prblm.

D13 – Tayan ferry crossing waited 1 hr. D heat is on us all of us have sun burn . We had to make a stp as light weight fuel hose have a leak. A gd excuse too for a coffee break. Ambawang -hsc’s on peat soil land who depends on rainwater. We reached Ponti hotel 7pm.

D14-a free and leisure day wth an option of a day tour to Singkawang. D discoteq and cawet night b4 we head for d borders.

D15-convoy ready to head bck kuching after grp phts at Equator monument. We shld b crossing Entikong any min nw. 5km to go..

LROM -Congratulations and Thank You to All Participants, friends and Sponsors. TRANS KALIMANTAN EXPEDETION 2012 ends 3.48pm 24th March, 2012.

note: more comments, pics. etc can be found in XMen4x4 Malaysia Facebook


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TKE LROM: Once in the lifetime Trip of the Year

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For Further Details contact Alyna Tai 012 3295 993 or Email Alynatai@gmail.com

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LROM: Sg Mas/Sg /Melantai JB-28/05-2/06/10

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More on the following link


A weekend of fun and trill in Sg. Mas and Sg Melantai. 7 vehicles from various make Range Rover, Def 110, Def 90 , Disco,lC, Hilux and a Triton. We arrived early morning at the entrance of the Sg Mas and was greeted by various govt Dept and NGO who is manning the jungle. We would like to Thanks all department involved esp Forestry of Kahang 28 for approving our permit to enter the jungle of Forest Reserve. To all the below Department for their co operation. Terima Kasih.
1 Jabatan Hutan Kahang 28
2.Jabatan Penghilitan, Mersing
3.PDRM Mersing
4.Kulim Guard Sdn.Bhd.
6.Wildlife Conservation Society
7.other NGO’s.

We took 7 hours to reach our campsite going through more than 16 bridges and gaps without much work as all the bridges are still intact. The first thing that we saw along the trail is the rubbish everywhere esp at the campsite of Sg. Melantai. We have to camp on the track as the sides are full of rubbish. The next day we drove around the track lead by Rate who is familiar with the trail. We met a group of off roaders (4 vehicle ) from Beko Direction. They are not sure where they are heading and when we ask if they have a permit to enter they said no. The best is to back track after seeing they have kids and one of their cars is on 2 wheels advised Rate. Further they have guns in their car that are not permitted. Malaysian will never learn or even read papers. The illegal hunting is not allowed esp in a Forest Reserve.

We contimued with our driving and come across another 5 4WD in the Hulu Mas area There’s a toyota with Tmn. Negara sticker and these off roaders are from Kota Tinggi. We left after saying hello. We continue with our driving to the moutain where we came a upon a opening area where old markers is everywhere. It was a Special Stage area of International Rainforest Challenge which held there 2009. Their poles, marker, RFC SS board , mineral bottles are everywhere. We clear off some as it too tedious to collect back all the rubbish thrown there.

The boys head back to the campsite for swimming after clearing much of rubbish that we could take out. Getting out the track was quiet easy only 5 hrs and we were lucky to escape the heavy thunderstorm that hit after we clear all the obstacles. Thank you to all for the great adventure in Johore.

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Land Rover Club of Malaysia 2010

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Our commitment to the Landys and the Club!

Introducing the new 2010 committee ….


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Gunung Ais-Jerantut, Pahang

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Gunung Ais-Jerantut, Pahang
by Alyna Tai
23rd- 29th Dec, 2008.

Lrom members closes off 2008 book with a Adventure of a Lifetime.

“One Life Live It” that’s what they said after the trip. A trip among members lead by Rate De Silva@Atek xmen00 was well worth going. We were told to be prepared for this rainy season and crossing of 4 rivers that will make us fear most. All of us were brief that there’s no timing what so ever or programme is a adventure trip. All of us were happy that we made it to the campsite have a good two nights camp at the destination with rain showering in a mist like snow.

The G.Ais lift up to the name with so beautiful night and lots of tiger prints. Both Alyna,kavern and Atek had to shout for help as we went down river night fishing one night. We did not managed to cross in time when water rises so we have to shout for help. The current was too strong for us to take the risk. The whole group was superb with lots of hard work to make it to our destination with washed out track, bridge crossing, river crossing and landslide. Is the Journey and we also made it to the destination.

They love every minute of it and also adventure of rising river crossing when coming out.Let’s shared our experience. A big thank you for the dinner and Ice cream as reward by the members and friends for a good adventures.

Click here for Part 1 of the album in the Photo Gallery

Clik here for Part 2 of the album in the Photo Gallery

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Kubu Mat Kilau – LROM march 2009

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Expedition to Kubu Mat Kilau with LROM

xmen  xmenlrom

Click on here to go to album

Who is Mat Kilau? Check this out http://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/mat_kilau. 
Mat Kilau the malay warrior who fight the British in the 60′s . The so called “Kubu Mat Kilau” or fort of Mat Kilau was found in the Pasir Raja area. The govt tried to promote the place for tourist purposes but no history was written there for people to know what’s all about. 00 has been there many times and almost fully recce the whole place. We find it interesting to share with club members since we are around the area. There’s more to explore if we have the time. The track entering to Mat Kilau was in good condition, only the 3 km towards the fort was really overgrown and a washout where the cement culvert have broken. We did not give up and oo decided to built a log bridge so that others also could go visit the fort. Late last year- the culvert is still in position only the soil was washed away until now nothing have been done. So dunno what they want to promote expecting people to go all the way and turn back. Even the Chengai Tree was at one time a big promotion and now nobody cares.

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LROM Christmas Adventure

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The actual articles below can be found in Yamin’s 4×4 Magazine.
Head out to your nearest stall can get a copy.
Click on the photo to enlarge.

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