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06:02am, 24Aug2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Going home…arr Doha 23Aug 1am(local time) on transit 9 hrs to our next flight home.
Arrive in Doha at 1am.

11:32am, 19Aug2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Flying on TACA025 to Madrid for 3 days then to Dohar and back to Malaysia.

11:30am, 17Aug2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
The Convoy of TA2 arrived in Lima at 10pm(local time). This is our final destination after travelling more than 6000km. All the way from Venezuela to Peru. Muchu Gracias.

05:40am, 10Aug2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Arrived in Cusco, the city of Inca

05:20am, 9Aug2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Arrive in Peru mountain. Start our 1st camp in d cold windy hill.

07:50am, 7Aug2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Hello Malaysia. After a great adventure tru BR319 of more than 700km without rain, we are back to civilization. Now just arrive in Brasileia. Car 3 John’s Ewing Prado driven by Alyna and Co drv by Wing have to change rear wheel oil seal half way after Porto Velho. It was done in such a short time manually in just 2 hours. We also welcome back Yamin who joined us in Porto Velho. We’ll be heading to d mountain in Peru.

04:31am, 30July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
3rd day of TA2. Left Comona beach and a night in Ciudad Bolivar stay in an ancient 150yrs old hotel. Yesterday we camp at Gran Sabana in d wild. All of us was attacked by d mosquitoes. We just managed crossing back to Brazil.Chaos. Convoy left Boa Vista 4 Lake Camp. Jauaperi checkpoint. Last nite dinner at water front. Rio Branco – famous goreng Tambakqui.

06:57pm, 12July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Convoy Reaches Caracs midnight safely. After driving 380 km from Caimana in the rain. The participants will be going for city tour b4 flying back with some wanting to continue with their holiday adventure.

10:23pm, 9July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Hi we are now in d border of Brazil-Venezuela. Q for our passport stamp and here we r in Venezuela. D group b flying to c Angel falls before heading Caracas today.

07:17am, 6July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
We now in d ferry barge to Manaus city after 2 days of boring offroad on d legendary BR319 track. I think it’ll be interesting if there’s some rain. B in Manaus 2 days b4 camp out again. Cheers xmen01

08:54pm, 3July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Arrived in Jumaita 7:30pm local time. Dinner in a famous local cusine of fish and a hot shower b4 heading drinking hole. 2 day Harjinder Singh birthday so i think d boys going to have some wild party. Phts in a shot while.

08:54pm, 2July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Brazil Brazil… d Malaysianflying d flag for Brazil in support. Brazil vs Holland

10:38am, 2July2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
We arrive in Brazil hopefully to reach Humaita by 2nite. 2day adv begins with 1 participants putting wrong fuel. Then Aman’s broke his shaft. D convoy proceed while repair is being done. They’ll catch us later. Brazil’s trucks country.

11:43pm, 30June2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
We arrive Porto Jefre port 8:30pm yesterday after 2 days on a barge. Cruising pass tru 3 rivers sailing d Patanal river upstream Moto Groso Wetlands. We unload d cars at 6am in d morn and nw offroad to Humaita.

04:43am, 27June2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Hi… we arrived in Pantanal yesterday evening, 7pm with a sighting of beautiful sunset. D Caimen, Herons, egrates ,ibis diff colorful parrots etc. Capibara d biggest rodent. No in Carumba to shop then load into barge tonite. Dave and Rose from Nessie Scotland is already here waiting 4 d convoy.

12:18am, 20June2010, Local Time(Malaysia): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
We are now moving from Asuncion  to campsite for 7 Nights before we enter to another twn in Humaita
Laguna Baca – Paraquay
Porto Jorfe-Ferry Camp
BR 070, Br 174
BR 364

11:05pm, 21June2010, Local Time(Paraguay): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
We arrived in Paraquay with honking of celebration of the World Cup Goal. Border crossing fast, thanks to Roberto Recalde, Paraquay coordinator. We managed to see Iguazu falls before heading to Asuncion Hotel. Be there for 2 nights for washing, service and repairs. It’ll be busy for crew and opportunity for the rest of the adventures to see interesting places.

11:40pm, 20June2010, Local Time(Eldoro): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
We are in De Gido Virasoro refuelling before proceed to camp. Will be morning before we reach.

11:30pm, 20June2010, Local Time(Eldoro): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Hi, we are just out of Eldoro. Offroading for 170km now. Continue to second campsite. Another 400km to go. Dinner was Maggi cup noodles on the go. Is cold and sky is gloomy. Convoy pushing on. Cheers.

6:30am, 11June2010, Local Time (Buenos Aires): Xmen4x4 crew ~Alyna Tai
Arrive in Buenos Aires airport. Weather 11 deg. Celcius.  More photos added in the following link: http://www.xmen4x4.com/cpg149/index.php?cat=27

9.59pm, 10Jun2010, Malaysia Time: XMen4x4 crew ~ Alyna Tai
Finally arrive in Madrid. Boring flight but food is good. Eat and slept on route.

4:21pm, 10Jun2010, Malaysia Time: XMen4x4 crew…
Good morning,
…We are in transit in Dohar, cold la very long flights for us.
Everyone tired after all the past few weeks of rushing and clearing our work. Now all bungkus in the plane.
B.A going to be cold 5 C i think . Brr….
Thanks and will keep u feeded with info and phts whenever we can.
thanks and take care.


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