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10th Ma – D1 Flag off by YB Dtk Abang Amar Zohari at Rengency court hotel. D convoy head for serian border twrds Terbedu wth a bit of hic cup when Yamin racer ve a overheating prblm. D water plug broke bt was solve in no time. Then indo Lrnc cr had a water pump broke and had to b replaced. While waiting phillipine lr also replaced a water pump as water preassure was weak. We cont journey wth a 3 hrs process at d border.

10th Mac – All crs cleared frm border after d long wait. We reached Mount Hope homes of 400 children late evening, drop off all d toys, books and clothings. D kids lined up welcoming d convoy and we were entertained some dance and acrobatic by d children. A welcome drinks and own grown fruits was also served. After waving gdbye we head for sosok.

17th Mac – D2-convoy roll off frm Losmen Hujan Emas to jetty for ferry crossing. After a long wait we got to load all 8 vehicles for a shrt ride upstream to Tayan. A stopped over at Sandai for lunch then continue wth a long bumpy off rd total of 230km to Delang. We managed to reached Delang 7.30pm for long house Experience. It was a raining until morning. We named it cicada losmen. ~ Alyna

D-3 Pengkalanbun-kumai 250km of dry off rd trail d heat is getting into us. Found a open space near a cooling river for lunch in d middle of no where. D boys start jumping into d river and chill out. While some starts up cooking for d first time here in d jgl. Those tht drive dwn to d river bank need to winch their way up bck on track. D convoy proceed towards d logging area and were warned not to take pics. At d entrance out of jgl we were hold out by a gate mained by d military wth a base camp. After mch waiting and talks d gate was open by d army general himself wth a big smile and waving us through.

D-3, journey continue wth more pot holes and dusty trial of abt 60km. D guide wth triton Pak popo, Abek, Bingkis & Ajung lead us out of Nagabulik. Everyone is covered wth dust and a quick pht session b4 we sd gdbye t0 our guide.

D3-after a long drive we managed to reached kumai town. Kumai a sml town wth narrow rd. There’s no suitable hotel or campsite available. Pak Harry managed to get permission to make use of d new tourism off and also park d cr for safety reason in their compound & vry near d jetty.

D4-arrangement by Pak Harry for us to take a 4hr boat ride to Leaky camp in Tg Putting to see d Orang Utan. Left a 7am we leave our crs by engaging a locals to kp an eyes. It was a fantastic and relaxing boat ride. We cld c various birds, probrocis monkey, silver leaf monkey, orang utan and horn bills & etc. We reached Leaky camp wth a welcome by Siswi d org utan. She fell in love wth vicky and reluctant to let go by holding tight to him. D grp had to track abt 2km to c how they were feed. There’s a whole bunch of them. We ve a boat full of rovers nuts.

D6-convoy roll at 8.45am. Replenish ration and refuelling to hit another grueling off rd in d heart of borneo. D adventure start when we had to cross d floods of low lying track as rivers overflows after d rain. After 3rd crossing, Yamin’s racer stalled while crossing. Luke d def winch it across. Vicky helps to dry d injectors of rangie while we go further to c wht’s nxt. Nt far frm there we were shock to c d 4th crossing is mch longer and abv chest level. There’s no way out unless we use d alternative trail to village. There might b more further in front. So we decided to camp near a sml water stream wth headman Wan’s permission until water goes dwn town

Journey cont wth indo car breaking d prop shaft and lr dusty battery weak after some welding on yamin’s spring mount. By 2pm we were at kuala kurun for lunch and pht session at d park near big rivers. D frienly twn folks came to mingle wth us. D 320km to palangka raya was a hard torture on d crs. We checked into Hawaii hotel.

D7-d dayak communities are more into rubber tapping at Tumbang lapan. There’s a govt schl bt funded by Aust NGO. Kids walk to schl wth machette in hand. D unique traditional burial is still practise in tis part where they kp d bones near their hsc wth statues of human and a ceremony b held once they ve enough $. We were camping on gold land where d locals still do panning. No outsiders diggers r welcome. Headmen Wan vry happy to have us and tales of Dayak went on d whole night. Tooth brush and stationery was given out to school children passing our camp.

D8-after refuelling wth locals connections we managed a gd prc for fuel at Pertamina station. Is another 210km to Banjarmasin. D long drive passing a 7km gd rd on d elevated hi way tru mostly flooded rd and pot holes. Honk honk

D10-after having cr repairs wth a gd trip to floating mkt and some pub hoppings every1 is all gear up to cont our journey to Sampit. We arrived Hotel Wella owned by a army general. Due to fuel inavailability in sampit we try to shared out d fuel until d nxt refuelling. Is d first time we c Mertabak since we enter kalimantan bt d stalls only ve engh for 4 of us.

D12- Nagantayap d day tht Light weight lost her clutch b4 we cld reach our campsite. Martin Lewis a landrover master came to rescue driving d cr wthout clutch for 9km for a losmen or campsite. D lr mechanic starts to wrk immediately to solve d prblm.

D13 – Tayan ferry crossing waited 1 hr. D heat is on us all of us have sun burn . We had to make a stp as light weight fuel hose have a leak. A gd excuse too for a coffee break. Ambawang -hsc’s on peat soil land who depends on rainwater. We reached Ponti hotel 7pm.

D14-a free and leisure day wth an option of a day tour to Singkawang. D discoteq and cawet night b4 we head for d borders.

D15-convoy ready to head bck kuching after grp phts at Equator monument. We shld b crossing Entikong any min nw. 5km to go..

LROM -Congratulations and Thank You to All Participants, friends and Sponsors. TRANS KALIMANTAN EXPEDETION 2012 ends 3.48pm 24th March, 2012.

note: more comments, pics. etc can be found in XMen4x4 Malaysia Facebook



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