My next driving adventure by John

by on Jun.10, 2010, under XMen Xtreme Adventure 5, XMen Xtreme Adventure 6

I have survived!  :)

Driving adventure journey has successfully ended at Caracas, Venezuela last night.  All’s well.  Apologies for not being able to send out updates as I did before on previous trips.  As earlier stated, this trip was totally unlike my previous ones where we were constantly close to civilization and stayed in civilized modern accommodation.  This trip was back to basics and nature, camping and roughing it out in far from civilzation places.  Hence we had no internet nor phone signals for days.  3 photos to accompany this message – the begining, the “suffering” and the ending.  I will then fill out the details in my next post.


John wrote:

Of the many places I have been to in Central and South America, I rate Panama City as among the best.  I feel comfortable, safe and am enjoying myself with the clean, green, modern and friendly city.  Am very surprised with my find as I’ve only heard of Panama when I was a school boy known for its canal and locks linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  More than 50 tears later, here am I happily looking at the Canal and the locks system. Also watched World Cup football at a restaurant with the locals.  GGGOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Am now at the Panama City Tocumen Airport waiting to catch my flight to Buenos Aires to join 34 other adventurers.

When I arrived from LA, I had 5 hours to kill as the hotel would not let me check in till 4pm.  I must say I spent it efficiently by ringing a contact posted on the internet.  He is a free lance tour guide and I had a lovley city and canal tour all to myself while waiting to check in.  I saw all that I wanted and more.  Attached are a few photos of my pre-adventure adventure.


John wrote:

Flying off tomorrow morning to start the next driving adventure.

I fly to LAX to Panama (will go and look at the Panama Canal) and then on to Buenos Aires on Fri 11 June.  Back on 18 July.

Here is my driving itinerary in google map. (Argetina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela)


Will send the usual photos with GPS co-ordinates as I travel along.  This will be the most adventurous and tough driving trip I’ve made thus far.  Where in previous trips I camped out 2 or 3 nights and stayed in luxury hotels the rest of the nights, this time it will be 17 nights of camping in the jungles of the Amazon etc.  Toilet?  Bath?  Aircon?  Mosquitoes etc etc?  Food?  wifi?   Also, to lower the cost so more people can join, the hotels will be budget Ibis Hotels.  To be able to returnn home, I must first escape the piranhas, jaguars, pumas, anacondas, fire ants, Amazonian women, Malaria, Yellow Fever, etc etc.  We shall see.  Must not forget the tiny catfish, candiru.

Candiru???  hahaha

From wikipedia:  ”… the candiru “jumped” into his urethra as he urinated while thigh-deep in a river.^[8] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candiru#cite_note-cecil-7> It was also once thought that the fish was attracted to urine (as the candiru’s primary prey emits ammonia from its gills, a chemical found in urine),  … Bathers in the region are, however, warned not to urinate while swimming, out of concern that the expansion of the urethra during urination will allow the fish to enter the otherwise closed orifice.” <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candiru#cite_note-cecil-7>

Amazonian women kidnap me?  Just discovered that they are not in the Amazon jungles but come from Greek mythology and in outer space.  Phew!



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XXAV: Trans Amazon 2010 is a go!

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The Adventurers taking off…

Wing forgot to tapau her boy boy.. hahaahah!

more on the following link


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Trans-Amazon 2 / XMen Xtreme Adventure VI

by on May.16, 2010, under XMen Xtreme Adventure 6

Maps and Application Forms: (Click to View & Download)

4X4 WE Application form SA3

TA 2 Peru Sector

TA 2 Venezuela & Brazil sector

Dear Adventurer

Thank you for your interest to join us on this TransAmazon 2, an Overland 4×4 Adventure Expedition this coming July.

As with our previous trips, over the last 18 years, this adventure of a lifetime is a no frills expedition, where everybody have to chip in to help the driving to transfer the 8 trucks from Caracas, Venezuela to Lima, Peru over about 6,000 kilometers of the Best of South America.

The trip will start from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, heading south-east to the Cainama National Park, passing through Santa Elena, the gateway to the highest Waterfall in the world, called Angel Falls. We cross into Brazil to drive south into the Province of Amazonas, where the Mighty Amazon Jungle is found to reach Manaus, the heart of the Amazon. Here we cross the biggest river in the world at the confluence of the Amazon, which spans over 15 kilometers by Ferry.

We will be travelling along the famous BR 319 for about 2000 kilometers on a gravel offroad track passing through Humaita, Porto Velho, Rio Branco, before we reach the border of Brazil and Peru.

We cross the Andes Mountains at about 5,000 meters at Maldonado to enter Peru, bringing us to the Inca City of Machu Picchu, where we will stay 3 days visiting the Sacrad Valley of the Incas and Cusco. This is the perfect opportunity to see the Andes in Winter with day temperature between 5 – 10 deg C. After Machu Picchu, we descend down to Nazca to see the mysterious Nazca Lines believed to be made by the Inca for the Gods, as to date, no scientist could explain what they were used for as they could only be visible from the air.

The final leg is along the Pan- Americana Highway along the Pacific Coast to the mega 15 million people, Lima, capital of Peru. Home to the Quechuas, Aymara and Saipans Tribes of more than 1000 years.

We will be camping most of the journey, and at campsites, everybody will have to chip in to set up camp, do cooking, cleaning and also Night Guard duties on rotation while the other members snore away. Only when we are in developed areas and cities where locating a suitable campsite is not possible will we find a safe budget hotel for the night.

The whole group will be as “1 group” and decisions will be on “one for all & all for one” . Camaradie will be the key to the overall extremely enjoyable experience. Eventhough, the members will be from different age groups, backgrounds and personality, all will have to be totally co-operative and have perfect common sense. The group size will be between 20 – 25 people.

(continue reading…)

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